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[Announcement] Finalists of Korea Boardgames Design Contest 2018 Announced

2018-07-26 08:46:29 3,941

Thanks to all who participated in our 2018 Game Design Contest! We received many interesting submissions by authors from Korea and all over the world. After reading the rules of all submitted games and making some difficult decisions, we decided to invite the following finalists to submit their game prototypes:
Antasia – Otto Jensen
Four Gardens – Martin Dolezal
Fruits Rush – Romain Caterdijan
Global Towers – Julio Nazario
Morf – Jørgen Brunborg Naess
So full – Tim Schilstra
The Madhouse – Walter Vaes
Sau(g)clever – Jean Claude Pellin
눈대중 생선가게 [Fish Market] – 최재오[Jae-oh Choi]
두근두근 회전초밥 [Sushi Go-Round] – 슈어팀[Team Shueo]
레드 저널리즘 [Red Journalism] – 이성원 [Seong-won Lee]
보석 탐험대 [Jewel Hunters] – 박준영 [Jun-yeong Park]
비포 선 라이징 [Before Sunrise] – 이현지 [Hyeon-ji Lee]
시궁쥐 항구의 밀수꾼들 [Smugglers of Rat Port] – 박정상 [Jeong-sang Park]
캐셔 [Capture] – 조영후 [Yeong-hu Jo]
팀몰라 아무도 [Who's who?] – 배정수 [Jeong-su Bae]
프리라이더 [Free Rider] – 장한솔 [Han-sol Jang]
히어로레이스 [Hero Race] – 이교운 [Kyo-woon Lee]

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