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From outstanding ideas we create outstanding games.


Korea Boardgames accepts game submissions all year round.

You have an innovative and exciting game idea and are looking for a publisher? You came to the right place!

  • Kinds of games we are looking for
    Fun children and family games suitable for mass-market.
    Entertaining and educational games based on mathematics, geometrics, and logic.
    Games featuring original game mechanics or attractive components.
    At the moment we are not looking for role-playing games, miniature games, heavily text-based games, or games with more than a 2-hour-long playtime.
  • How to submit a game
    Submissions are done by email.
    Please send us detailed and complete rules of the game (.pdf or .doc accepted) as well as a brief summary of its concept and characteristics to
    For a better understanding of the game, pictures of components and gameplay are much appreciated.
    Submissions are done by email.
  • What about prototypes?
    If you already have a prototype of your game, please send your submission by email first.
    If we are interested in your idea, we will contact you in order to arrange the shipment of your prototype. Please don’t send us your prototype without our request. As our headquarters is located in South Korea, shipment of the prototype might be more complicated and expensive than domestic shipments in your country.
  • No worries!
    Korea Boardgames holds itself to the highest standards of business ethics and practices. This includes our dealings with game authors. When you submit your concepts and prototypes to Korea Boardgames, we guarantee to treat your submissions with care and confidentiality.
    Submitted games are the sole property of its authors and no part of it shall be used without the author’s consent. Game launching will be undertaken after a thorough review of the game and a proper contract agreement between the author and Korea Boardgames. Naturally a possible contract will be discussed only if your game has passed our selection process. But please rest assured that we will not use your idea or any part of your design without proper contracting.