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From outstanding ideas we create outstanding games.

Thank you for your interest in Korea Boardgames’ 2019 Board Game Design Contest. This year’s contest will be focused on our best selling game Coconuts. Please refer to and adhere to the guidelines below when submitting your designs. Please understand that this will be a structured competition that will require contestants to work within the confines of the contest listed below.



2019 Board Game Design Contest title: “Coconuts”

Coconuts was first released in 2013 to great reception and continues to sell well even now, 6 years later. This year, we want to use our Board Game Design Contest as a means to collect your great ideas for a Coconuts sequel. This follow-up game will incorporate some combination of the original games’ theme, components, characters, rules, etc. Submissions can be a fresh variation of the original Coconuts game play or a completely new mechanism borrowing only select elements from the original game. We look forward to receiving your submissions.



Submission rules

 The submission should be in some form connected to our well beloved game Coconuts. This can incorporate some combination of the original games’ theme, components, characters, rules, etc. 

 Ideally we are looking for family style games for more than 2 players (1-4, 2-5, 3-6 etc.) which can be played in under 90 minutes. If these criteria are not fulfilled we could still consider a submission, if the game incorporates very unique components and/or has a very unique mechanism that could be Coconuts themed.

 We will not consider pure card games (games that ONLY have cards). A game may have cards, but should also incorporate different components in addition to cards, which will allow us to publish the game in a marketable box size.

 We will not consider games that have been submitted to and/or are being considered by a different publisher.

 We will not consider games if they infringe upon or obviously replicate intellectual property rights of another game or author.

 If a submission is found to violate any of the previous two restrictions after being published and/or earning a contest prize, Korea Boardgames holds the right to retract winnings and/or terminate any contractual agreements.



Board Game Design Contest schedule:

Document submission deadline: Friday, June 28, 2019

Preliminary evaluation period: Monday, July 1 – Monday July 15, 2019

Finalists announced: Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Prototype submission deadline: Friday, August 2, 2019

Winners announced: Friday, August 30, 2019

 The June 28 document submission deadline cut-off will be enforced via e-mail time stamp and postal mark. Any submissions dated June 29 or later will not be accepted.

 Once the preliminary evaluation period has concluded, finalists will be contacted directly on July 15 and the finalists will be publicly announced on July 17. 

The public announcement will be posted at the following web addresses: Korea Boardgames website (, DiveDice online store (, and BoardGameGeek (

 Any inquires relating to this contest can be directed to the following e-mail address: We will do our best to answer your questions; however, please understand that due to the large volume of inquiries we may be unable to respond to all emails.



Preliminary round evaluation rules

 Only documents will be accepted during the preliminary round. Prototypes will only be requested from finalists once they have been announced.

 Results and feedback about preliminary round submissions will not be announced nor provided on an individual basis.

 If a rulebook is determined to be incomprehensible upon first reading, it will be disqualified from the judging process. In order to avoid this result, please proof-read your submission and proof-read with others before applying to ensure your ideas are communicated clearly.



Selection criteria

 The game is fun to play

 The rules of the game are intuitive, well developed and the gameplay is well balanced

 The game has strong replayability

 The game was submitted on time, before/by the submission deadlines (Late submissions will be automatically disqualified)




 All designers, both well-established and novice, are welcome to participate.

 During the preliminary round of submissions, a single designer may submit multiple game ideas. 




Gold prize: $1,000 USD cash prize and the possibility to publish the game with Korea Boardgames (if later selected for a publishing contract, this $1,000 will be considered part of the contracts initial $1,500 advanced royalties’ payment.)

Silver prize: $500 USD cash prize



Application documents and submission guidelines

 Completed contest application (use attached form)

 Simple game introduction (Length should not exceed 1 sheet of A4 paper)

 Game rulebook (We will only accept .pdf, .doc, and .ppt documents)

 1-2 gameplay photos (if there is no prototype to photograph, supporting photos can include hand sketches, component pictures, etc.)

 Application documents can be submitted via e-mail or post. 

> E-mail

· If sent via e-mail please scan or take a picture of documents requiring a hand signature.

· Preliminary round E-mail submissions can be sent to :


· Korea Boardgames will not reimburse any applicant postage fees. 

· Preliminary round postal mail submissions can be sent to: 

Development department, floor 3,

10, Yopung-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon,

Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 10862


Additional rules

 Authors will hold and maintain complete ownership of their ideas, documents, and prototypes throughout the entirety of this screening and selection process.

 Any documents or prototypes submitted will NOT be returned back to authors. Please do not submit any material you wish to receive back.

 Korean domestic winners will be subjected to public tax laws in accordance to Article 21 of the Corporate Tax Act and Article 33 of the Income Tax Law.

 Korea Boardgames cannot, will not, and has no authority to publish any submitted content without the express written consent of the original author.

 Korea Boardgames will contact, negotiate, and sign a legally binding contract directly with an author before publishing any part of material rightfully owned by that author.

 If it is found at any time that material submitted by the applicant is not rightfully owned by that applicant, that applicant will be subjected to disqualification, removal of awards received, and/or repayment of any cash prizes received.

 Korea Boardgames will not be held responsible for any packages that were sent, which were not requested for specifically.

 Any applicant who fails to abide by any of the rules, regulations, guidelines, or instructions contained in this document will be subject to disqualification from the design contest.



Download: koreaboardgames.pdf



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